Our Program

The little Panda Daycare is a home daycare designed to provide a child-centered, play-based service that promotes the well-being and development of children in a safe and healthy environment.

While waiting for the issuance of a license from the Ministry of Education, this childcare program is not sanctioned by the Government of Ontario. Therefore we will be able to receive only a maximum of five children which includes, two children less than two years old and three children two years old and older.

Our Method

The Little Panda bilingual daycare is a learning centre where children are supervised to develop their intellectual, motor and social skills to the best of their abilities. Interaction with others and the exploration of one’s own abilities are at the centre of the priorities of the educators who actively participate in their development.

Child Safety

Safety is just as important as providing the educational needs for your children. At little panda Bilingual Daycare, it is important for us to know what your kid is allergic to, keeping all sharp objects out of sight, & making sure all the kids are having fun in a non-violent way. For more information on child safety, please follow up on our parents page.

Program Principals

1- Establish a secure environment that supports the individual’s needs that will stimulate love, joy, & peace.

2- Encourage the development of the child in every way possible.

3- Offer a variety of appropriate materials and activities in accordance with the age and the level of development of the child.

4- Promote respect of others, an understanding and an appreciation of different cultures.

5- Making sure the children are placed in an environment that mirrors and complements the family nucleus.

6- Promote independence by encouraging exploration, discovery and autonomy.

7- Promote a child-centred service.

8- Respond to the social, physical a emotional needs of the children. Establish a mode of operation based on good relationship among children, staff and parents.

9- Help your child develop self-motivation so they will be able to understand what they are capable of.

Core Values

Our missions at little Panda is to offer a bilingual educational service that will enhance your children’s abilities to succeed in the future.

Little Panda is a daycare that offers a stimulating, loving and cheerful environment where we want your children to grow up happy so they can acquire knowledge and develop skills within their level of development.

At the little Panda daycare, we instill the following core value:
self-esteem, respect for others, progressive autono, respect for the environment, collaboration and perseverance.